If you weren’t born in the US, you MUST consider any possible ramifications to your immigration status when deciding how to resolve a criminal charge, including misdemeanors and DWIs. There are often multiple ways to resolve a criminal charge, and it’s sometimes possible to AVOID the immigration consequences! But this decision must be made BEFORE resolving a criminal charge, not after.

People frequently tell us that their criminal defense attorney told them to plead guilty. Oddly enough, what appears to be the “best” result of a criminal charge for a US citizen isn’t always the best result for an immigrant. Your criminal attorney might have gotten you a deal that would be amazing for a US citizen, but will have devastating consequences for you.

Talk to an immigration attorney who specializes in “crimmigration” law today so that we can work together with your criminal attorney to get you the best result for YOUR specific circumstances, taking into account factors such as staying in the US, maintaining eligibility for a Green Card, and staying out of jail.

The best defense is a good offense. Take action before you settle a criminal charge with us to increase your chances of staying in the United States legally.

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