Frequently Asked Questions

The costs may vary in each case and services needed. But in general terms, the costs: 

  • Immigration procedures, stamps and form costs.

  • Lawyer’s  fees.

  • Case complexity

We accept many payment methods including credit and debit cards, Money Orders and cash payments at the office.

We can offer payment plans according to your capacity.

It depends on each case, but it’s always a good idea to have these following documents handy:

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Identification
  • Pasaport
  • NTA (Notice to Appear) 
  • For detainees, it’s important to know the A Number which can be found in any migration document.

Our only location restriction is for detained cases, where the detainee must have resided in North and South or Georgia before the detention. 

Any other cases such as petitions, U o r T Visa will have no geographical limitation. 

There are many nonprofit organizations in North Carolina that provide free and low-cost legal services. However, very few offer them for people in removal proceedings. We have created a list of Non-Profit Organizations that are taking on new clients for certain immigration cases.

You can download it here.

Our consult fee is $200, which goes toward the rest of the case if he hires within 30 days.

In a consult, the client receives the following: the assurance that there is an option available for your case, or the confirmation that there is no solution for your case. If your case has a solution, you will receive the possible options, the cost of the process and, at the end, clarification to some questions you may have based on the information provided by the lawyer.

If we don´t have a solution for your case, we can refer you to someone else who can.

We don’t quote full case fees in advance simply because we need to do a full screening to see exactly what he qualifies for. We’ve often found that what people initially contact us for and what ends up being the best course of action are two different things. 

We can answer your questions

We get it! It’s your case and you have questions. There are no small or insignificant questions.

We want you to be informed and feel like you have all the information when making a decision to hire.

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